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wincest shipper. bitter sam!girl.

i'd fist fight somebody over courtney love.

don't mention opie winston's death when you're around me.


watching: orange is the new black

listening to: these boots

seeing brantley gilbert at brick fest on july 27th!

updates tutorial

i’m not apart of the juice ortiz fucking pity party 2k14

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"I really don’t give a shit. I make this for the people who watch the show. I care about my work.” Hunnam on Emmys.

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any views on feminism?


I just believe in equality. I treat everyone the same who deserve respect. I just hate how some “feminists” have become. It used to be just fighting for equality but now I see girls bashing on men and then hiding behind the word feminist. I support feminists but I don’t support girls calling themselves feminists but all they do is bash on men and not actually do anything to help the feminist movement to try and gain equality in all aspects of life.

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music asks: 10-15

10: a song that makes you sad: the bae

11. a song that you never get tired of: this

12. a song from your preteen years:

13. one of your favorite 80s songs: yaaas

14. a song that you would love played at your wedding: :)

15. a song that is covered by another artist: this

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GET TO KNOW ME MEME: [1/8] favorite celebrity friendships ▶ Jensen Ackles & Jared Padalecki

”We’re constantly together. And even when we’re not actually working together during those nine months, or the other three months out of the year for that matter, we always find ourselves choosing to hang out and be together.” - Jensen Ackles

”We’ve became brothers, from 20-something year old bachelors to husbands and fathers together, but there’s nobody I would have rather spent the last nine years growing up and chasing demons and fighting monsters with than this guy here.” - Jared Padalecki

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friendly reminder that this is jensen’s face after a fan shouted “destiel” about his answer

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The future is open. Trust the gods.

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Courtney Love talking about the article of Vanity Fair. - 1992

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nirvana alphabet
➥ Novoselic, Krist
»What does “<3” mean? Less than three?«

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[ships everything but destiel]

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